Sharon Stone made a surprise appearance on “SNL”…Unparalleled beauty at the age of 66

Actress Sharon Stone made a surprise appearance on NBC’s “SNL (Saturday Night Live)” and showed off her unparalleled beauty.

British singer Sam Smith recently appeared on “SNL” and performed the title song of his new album “Gloria”. Sharon Stone was a special guest at the event.


Sharon Stone, who starred in director Sidney Lumet’s 1999 film “Gloria”, was part of Sam Smith’s elaborate music stage surrounded by a large choir. In this kind of surreal performance art, Sharon Stone mostly lay in bed then dramatically woke up at the end of the song and made a weird expression.

Sharon Stone, who is 66 years old in Korean age, is admired for her amazing visuals like a goddess.


Sharon Stone appeared as a host on “SNL” in 1992. She gained worldwide popularity as the best sexy symbol of the time through “Basic Instinct” (1992). Last year, she drew attention as she published her memoir “The Beauty of Living Twice”.

Source: Nate

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