Yoon Ji-sung Praised For His Wise Answer To Sexist Questions, “Why Are You Dressed Like A Gay?”

Singer Yoon Ji-sung gave an honest answer to sexist questions from fans

Recently, Yoon Ji-sung went on the fan platform Bubble and communicated with fans by exchanging messages. He asked fans how they had been doing and delivered updates on his reserve forces’ training schedule that lasted for three nights and four days.

yoon ji sung

In the middle of the conversation, Yoon Ji-sung said, “‘Why are you dressed like a gay?’, ‘Can’t you do any other hairstyle that looks more manly?’… I’m going to answer these comments”.

The male singer continued, “I think there is no kind of clothes in this world that should be considered gay-like. I can wear skirts and grow my hair long. I don’t define such a style as feminine and I don’t think there should be specific criteria for the way men dress, behave, and speak to be considered manly”. He added, “I hope you don’t make any sexist remark like that again.”

Yoon Ji-sung emphasized, “You may not like my hair, makeup, or outfits. But I think you shouldn’t make sexist remarks out of it. I can wear anything I want and all of you can do that either.”

yoon ji sung

Lastly, he said, “I’m not saying this to fight anyone, but I think we should socially be careful about this issue. I’m very cautious about mentioning it and I’m sending these messages to remind you to be cautious.”

In response, netizens poured criticism toward the rude fans, saying “Why do they even say that on a paid communication platform?”. Praising Yoon Ji-sung’s wise response, netizens commented, “He talked so nicely”, “I love his answer”, “He’s amazing. People normally don’t realize that sexist issue”, etc.

Meanwhile, Yoon Ji-sung made his debut as a member of the project group Wanna One formed through Mnet’s survival program “Produce 101 Season 2”. He debuted as a solo singer in February 2019 and has been active in various fields. Yoon Ji-sung enlisted in May 2019 and was discharged from the military in December 2020.

Source: Nate

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