Yoo Ah In’s reps “He requested sleep anesthesia due to needle phobia” + Hospital was also concerned about his frequent propofol use 

Yoo Ah In, who is suspected of illegal propofol use, was found to have been dissuaded by the hospital.

MBC News Desk reported on March 2nd, “The police suspect that Yoo Ah In was given propofol because he requested sleep anesthesia even for a simple procedure.”

yoo ah in

In 2021 alone, Yoo Ah In was prescribed 4,497 milliliters of propofol 73 times at a hospital in Seoul.

The director of the hospital reportedly sent Yoo Ah In cautionary messages such as “You should not use too much sleep anesthesia” and “You shouldn’t move from one hospital to another.”

Regarding this, an official from Yoo Ah In’s side explained, “Yoo Ah In suffered from a skin disease. He has a ‘phobia of needles’, so he requested sleep anesthesia.”

yoo ah in

In addition to propofol and marijuana, Yoo Ah In is suspected of using four types of narcotics, as he also tests positive for cocaine and ketamine. In particular, cocaine has strong addictive and hallucinogenic properties, so it is called one of the three major drugs along with methamphetamine and heroin.

Yoo Ah In’s reps did not explain his use of cocaine, but only addressed his ketamine use, “In the case of ketamine, it must have been for sleep anesthesia and medical purposes.”

The News Desk said, “The police are investigating Yoo Ah In’s specific drug purchase and administration routes, including analyzing 460,000 text messages obtained from Yoo Ah In’s mobile phone over the past eight years.”

Recently, the National Institute of Scientific Investigation (NFS) notified the police that cocaine and ketamine were detected as a result of a hair test of Yoo Ah In. The police plan to summon Yoo Ah In as a suspect next week at the earliest to investigate the details of his drug use.

Source: nate

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