YG rookie boygroup: many members could only sing for a few seconds, quickly ‘disappeared’ from the MV

 The length of the song is limited while the group is too crowded with 12 members. Therefore, many TREASURE boys only appeared in a flash, showed up shortly then went ‘missing’ in the MV.

After more than a year of waiting with many lineup changes and debut delays, YG’s new boy group, TREASURE, has officially made their debut. This is the first time that YG has debuted such a huge group with… 12 members. Previously, YG’s artists only had groups with a small number of members, 4-7 maximum, so each member could have many opportunities to showcase themselves in the group’ songs.

 But with TREASURE, a crowded lineup has indeed created difficulties for YG. The length of the song is limited but there are too many members. So no matter how they divide the lines, it was inevitable that there were members who only received small parts that last a few seconds, and shortly appeared then the screen immediately switched to scenes of another member.  As a result, the viewers felt extremely difficult to follow, even before they could recognize the face to remember the boys, he went… missing from the frame.

Regarding the singing lines, Yedam – the famous main vocalist of the group, takes on the most singing part with 27 seconds. Some members were given a few seconds.  But in general, the difference between the lines’ length is not too big. Especially when there are 12 members singing a song longer than three minutes, it’s difficult for each member to sing more.

 Regarding the MV screen time, the boys had to share precious moments for every frame. The time that was inherently not much became even less.
Regarding the MV screen time, the boys had to share precious moments for every frame. The time that was inherently not much became even less.

 The members who sing less are also those with little screen time. The ranking of each member’s screen time is 12. Jaehuyk (2.6 seconds), 11. Jeongwoo (3 seconds), 10. Yoshi (3.2 seconds), 9. Asahi (4 seconds), 8.  Doyoung (5 seconds), 7. Jung Hwan (5.3 seconds), 6. Mashiho (6.2 seconds).

 The members who have more singing parts are of course luckier and have more chances to appear.  Junkyu was fifth with 6.5 seconds. Next is 4. Jihoon (7.8 seconds), 3. Hyunsuk (11.8 seconds). Although Yedam sings the most, Haruto is the one who has a lot of rap lines, and is also the visual that takes on the image of the group. That’s why he has the most screen time in the MV with 14.2 seconds, and Yedam is second place with 13.5 seconds.

Having so many members, TREASURE will certainly have a huge advantage of attracting a large and diverse fanbase. However, this will also be a headache for YG every comeback. How not to waste the members’ talents, how to smartly divide and balance so that each of them has the opportunity to show off and shine.

 Especially with YG’s ‘Mars calendar’, if there is one comeback every year, each time many members can only appear for a few seconds, then even if the public is interested, it would be difficult to remember all the TREASURE members. Hopefully, YG will take good care of TREASURE so they can achieve success like their seniors in the company.

Sources: k14

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