“Work Later, Drink Now 2” is busy fixing the cancer-related plot

Viewers are not very happy with the first few episodes of the original TVing “Work Later, Drink Now 2”.

“Work Later, Drink Now 2”, which was first released in October last year, is a drama that depicts the daily lives of three women who survive just to enjoy a drink at the end of their every day. Kang Ji Gu (played by Jeong Eun Ji), Han Ji Yeon (played by Han Sun Hwa), and Ahn So Hee (played by Lee Sun Bin) gained great popularity after perfectly expressing the strong friendship between characters with strong personalities and their relatable drinking scenes.

Returning in high expectations, “Work Later, Drink Now 2” is busy fixing the setting in which Han Ji Yeon was confirmed to have breast cancer in season 1.

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The 1st and 2nd episodes of “Work Later, Drink Now 2,” released on December 9th, showed Han Ji Yeon, who was confirmed to have breast cancer, going trekking with Kang Ji Gu and Ahn So Hee and succeeding in natural healing. In other words, both the 1st and 2nd episode were devoted to plot fillers in order to fix the unreasonable development at the end of season 1. Although the friendship of the trio who stopped drinking for a while to encourage their friend’s treatment was touching, the drinking scenes, the biggest charm of “Work Later, Drink Now 2,” are now hard to find. Naturally, many think that the plot development itself has become boring.

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After the 1st and 2nd episode, the drama is recovering its previous charms little by little in the 3rd and 4th episodes. The talented Han Ji Yeon is adapting to a new yoga center, and Ahn So Hee, who lost her pride as the main writer, is getting back together with her junior writers. Attention is focusing on whether “Work Later, Drink Now 2,” which started with quite a disappointment, will continue its glory from last season.

Source: OSEN

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