“Wonder Girls vs NewJeans” debate continues. This time, FT Island and Day6 are compared

Officer workers who compare the popularity of Wonder Girls and NewJeans and of FT Island and Day6 are drawing huge attention.

On the 27th, an office worker on the anonymous community “Blind” posted an article titled “During their heyday, was FT Island as popular as Day6 now?“. In the post, the author also questioned if Lee Hong Ki was truly so popular. 

Lee Hong-ki

Soon after the article was published, there were over 100 comments responding to it. 

In particular, other office workers left comments such as, “Wasn’t they more popular than Day6?”, “FT Island was no joke”, “Lee Hong Ki was very popular”, and “FT Island was much more popular.”

Afterwards, the author of the post drew attention by leaving a comment saying, “He (Lee Hong Ki) wasn’t particularly handsome, so why?”

In response, another office worker said, “This comparison is like the Wonder Girls vs NewJeans debate again, but we cannot compare the past and the present.”

Since then, the post has spread to various other online communities, generating over 900 comments.

First gen girls groups

On the other hand, on the same community last month, a post titled “Was Wonder Girls really more popular than NewJeans, IVE, and LE SSERAFIM combined??” was published, immediately becoming a hot topic. 

At the time, the author of the post said, “I was talking to a friend about NewJeans, and he said their popularity now is no match to ‘Tell Me’ by Wonder Girls”. 

“So, were they (Wonder Girls) really so popular? He said that even if we combined all the popular girl groups now, they couldn’t match Wonder Girls back then. Was he exaggerating?”, they also added.

wonder girls

Below are some comments from other office workers at the time: 

  • Do you know who NewJeans is to adults now? If you play the song and ask, they probably won’t know. Back then, even adults knew ‘Tell Me'”
  • At the time, everyone was doing the “Tell Me” 
  • My parents, who were not interested in idols, knew all Wonder Girls members’ names.In addition, they also knew all the names and faces of the 9 members of Girls’ Generation. If you ask people in their 50s now, they might know the group (NewJeans) but not the members
  • There hasn’t been a song like “Tell Me” yet
  • NewJeans’ songs haven’t reached the level where they’re played on TV and radio every day, they appear on every entertainment show. Has it reached the level where even if they don’t appear, people will imitate NewJeans’ dance and sing their songs, and children will sing NewJeans’ songs on national singing contests, yet? If not, then (NewJeans) is not as famous as Wonder Girls during the “Tell Me” to “Nobody” era.”

Source: wikitree

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