Won Bin’s Ability To Protect His Privacy During 13 Years Of Hiatus Gathers Attention

Won Bin’s dedication to protecting his private life during 13-year hiatus is remarkable 

Recently, Korean netizens have been paying attention to the house where Won Bin and Lee Na-young live. The couple’s residence is a standalone house located in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, with one floor above ground and three floors below. The owner’s name is Won Bin.

Lee Na Young Won Bin

Above all, Won Bin and Lee Na-young’s residence is designed to protect their privacy to the extent that it can be described as a “castle.” 

The front door of the house is made with narrow iron bars attached to the corners, making it difficult to spot at a glance. The windows are also narrow, and there are few of them, making it impossible to see inside. Even the windows are covered with wooden planks.

Residents living near the house of Won Bin and Lee Na-young have hardly seen them in person. Won Bin also avoids going out of the house.

The Mercedes-Benz SUV vehicle owned and driven by Won Bin also has heavily tinted windows, preventing anyone from seeing inside. It seems that Won Bin places exceptional importance on protecting his private life.

Won Bin’s last acting project was the 2010 movie “The Man from Nowhere.” The Korean public has expressed skepticism, suggesting that Won Bin’s extreme secrecy has gone too far.

When Won Bin’s work activities came to a halt for over 10 years, retirement rumors circulated. In response, his agency both confirmed and denied these rumors.

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