Woman Who Discloses Actor L’s Ghosting Suddenly Deletes Disclosure Posts

Woman A, who claimed to have been ghosted and received demands for lewd photos from actor L, suddenly deleted her disclosure

On the night of Feb 26th, A deleted the posts she had written on an online community board. With one-sided claims and vague evidence, she vanished after making many actors suffer from rumors by generating various speculations.

On Feb 22nd, she wrote a post titled “I was ghosted by actor L”. A stated, “I got to know L 6 years ago and we dated for over 4 years. However, I recently received a unilateral breakup text message from L. I tried to contact them in many ways but L ignored them all. It was still good when I met L the last time before our breakup. We had sex and L even took pictures of important parts of my body. However, a few days later, L unilaterally sent me a text message and completely cut contact with me. L mentioned our memories on YouTube in a way that showed no consideration for the other person.”


Then, on Feb 25th, A continued her one-sided disclosure. She said, “I don’t have any lingering feelings with him. Many people say that the story is false, but it’s not, and the name is unnecessary once the photo is released. Among many requests, I’ll partially disclose some information about the requests for pictures. This person is completely different from the image of a polite and well-mannered actor on entertainment programs.

Confirmation of fairly high-level conversations was evident through the messages A shared. She said, “I just want to confirm if my pictures have been completely deleted. I didn’t want to take those explicit pictures but he wanted it so much and I trusted him, too. I didn’t send any pictures during the last two years, but I took those photos on the last day we met because it was L’s birthday. I took photos with my phone and sent them to him, but it was the first time we met and took the photos. I’m very worried because those were explicit photos.

She added, “It’s not the first time I was betrayed by people who are inconsiderate of my feelings. I knew that L was selfish, but I would never let a person who only cares about themselves take advantage of me foolishly. Although L is coldhearted and lacks empathy, if he had shown a little empathy towards me when sending me the breakup message, I would have accepted it.”

Source: Nate

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