Who is Son Seok-gu’s younger counterpart in “A Killer Paradox”? “It’s really creepy”

Recently, a behind-the-scenes story related to Netflix's original series "A Killer Paradox" has been revealed, sending chills down viewers' spines

It involves the “character” who appeared as a child actor in the role of “A Killer Paradox” Jang Nan-gam (portrayed by actor Son Seok-gu).

son suk ku

To cut to the chase, the child actor who appeared as Son Seok-gu’s younger self was not a real person. It was a virtual character created through CG processing using deepfake technology. Deepfake refers to the use of artificial intelligence-based human image synthesis technology.

Since the release of “A Killer Paradox” on Netflix on Feb 9th, the story of the “Son Seok-gu child actor” has continued to be a hot topic on various platforms, including SNS. The majority of netizens expressed admiration, stating that the child actor resembled Son Seok-gu too much, and applauded the casting decision.

Lee Chang-hee

Despite the growing interest in the child actor, information about who portrayed this character was unavailable. “A Killer Paradox” director Lee Chang-hee explained the reason why no one could find any information about the child actor, stating during a meeting with reporters on Feb 14th, “The acting was done by a child actor, and the face was created by collecting Son Seok-gu’s childhood photos and adding CG technology.

a killer paradox

He then mentioned, “We also implemented this for the past photos of the character Gyeong-ah and the Roh Bin child actor.

“A Killer Paradox” is a Netflix original series based on the webtoon of the same name by Kkomabi. The series tells the story of a man who accidentally murders a serial killer and a detective who pursues him relentlessly.

Source: Wikitree

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