Who among the 4 BLACKPINK members has the most expensive bag collection?

Jennie, Lisa spend thousand of dollars to own the best ones from designers’ brands.

1. Jennie

With the nickname of “the living Chanel”, Jennie has spent a lot to buy the best bags from this French brand. From regular line like Gabrielle, Boy, Flap Bag,…to limited edition, Jennie has it all.

The YG girl has had about 30 bags from Chanel alone, and some additions from other brands such as Gucci, Prada, Balenciaga and many other high-fashion names.

In Jennie’s wardrobe are countless of expensive sneakers. Not long ago, she has chosen a pair from Alexander Wang (right) to accompany her to the airport.

Approximately, Jennie has invested 143.000 USD in her bag collection for an impressive airport fashion.

2. Lisa

Comparing to Jennie, Lisa is also a well-known name in the high-fashion world. Her bag collection is huge with an average price of 2.000 USD – 4.000 USD/each. Most of the bags in Lisa’s collection are from Celine and Chanel.

Lisa has about 50 bags, among which are expensive designs like the Hermes Kelly Bag which costs 21.950 USD and even mid to low-end designs which cost under 100 USD. Lisa’s collection worths a total of 107.000 USD.


Recently, Lisa was given the title “Celine’s muse” after many times of perfectly wearing this brand’s fashion items in public. Lisa always impresses with her high-fashion choice from head to toe every time she appears.

3. Ji Soo

Doesn’t spend much on accessories such as watches and bracelets like Jennie and Lisa but Jisoo invests a lot in her bags. Jisoo’s favorite brand seems to be Burberry. Aside from that, she also owns many other different styles from brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Saint Laurent…

Jisoo prefers the classic and elegant designs over the unique ones.

Jisoo beauty 26

Jisoo’s bags are usually of medium to small size, which fits perfectly with her classic fashion sense. Fans believe that she has spent a total of 88.000 USD for her current bag collection.

4. Rosé

Even though Rosé also comes from a wealthy family but it seems like she doesn’t invest in bags as much as her teammates. In BLACKPINK, even though her collection is the smallest but it still costs about 64.000 USD. Rosé’s favorite brand is Louis Vuitton.

Rosé’s bags are usually very modern and youthful with simple colors that are easy to match with her outfit. On average, each of her bags costs about 1.500 USD.

At the airport, Rosé usually picks the most comfortable style to wear her bag.

Source: iOne

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