Which member of EXO hasn’t had any song other than those with his group?

This member will definitely do well when given the opportunity

When EXO’s comebacks are less than before and the time between each comeback is also getting longer, this is the time for EXO’s member to focus on their solo activities. Having talented and excellent members, many of EXO members’ songs were released outside the group activities. There were many solo songs or collaborations, … Some members were also invited to sing the soundtracks, especially Chen with a long list of soundtrack songs from the most popular films, even before his recent successful solo debut.

Besides, through the ambitious music platform of SM Entertainment – ‘SM Station ‘, the members also have the opportunity to release their solo/duet songs like ‘Tell Me (What is Love)’, ‘Monodrama’, ‘Dinner’, ‘Young & Free’, ‘Young’, or ‘We Young’ by Sehun and Chanyeol. Chanyeol also prepared a solo song which is introduced by ‘SM Station’ as ‘SSFW’. All the members have released at least one new song, except for one, none other than the main dancer. – Kai.

Xiumin and the collaboration with Mark (NCT)
SM Station is a strategy that helps the artists have more opportunities to express themselves through their voice. Its main target is to improve the company’s digital music achievement, one of the weaknesses of SMTOWN.
Baekhyun was also given many opportunities to release new songs, he even won the “Collaboration of the Year” at many prestigious awards when he collaborated with Suzy in the song ‘Dream’.
The collaboration of EXO’s two rappers in ‘We Young’ also received great attention. Sehun, through this song, was praised for his good vocal skill, unlike all the criticisms he received in recent years.
Chanyeol also prepared a new song through the SM Station project

Kai has all the factors to be able to release a solo/collaborative song. His voice has been improved through the recently released songs of EXO, from ballad songs to pop songs. A rapper like Kai has done a better job than his role in EXO songs. Kai can do well in both rapping and singing, he also has an attractive appearance and his own huge fan base, etc. However, he is the only one who hasn’t had his own song and all EXO fans are definitely waiting for Kai’s song to appear on the list.

Kai once claimed that he was preparing for his solo debut in mid-December last year but there isn’t much information about his solo debut yet. However, Kai will definitely have a song for his own in the near future.

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