When Can We Expect BABYMONSTER’s Debut Stage on Music Shows? YG Responds, “Nothing Confirmed Yet”

Interest in YG rookie girl group, BABYMONSTER is heating up but netizens wonder why they have no music show schedule

On November 29th, YG told a media outlet, “BABYMONSTER does not have a set music show schedule.” They stated that BABYMONSTER’s specific schedule will be announced as soon as it is finalized. Currently, the group is preparing for promotions and their follow-up song.

Debuting on November 27th, BABYMONSTER, the girl group unveiled by YG for the first time in 7 years since BLACKPINK, is gaining significant popularity even on their second day of debut. 

Their debut song, ‘BATTER UP,’ set a record for the most views within 24 hours for a debut MV in the history of K-pop. As of 10 AM KST on November 29th, the MV ranked first in the trending music category on online channels, surpassing 38.48 million views.

However, netizens have expressed confusion regarding BABYMONSTER’s debut promotions. Notably absent are a press conference and showcase prior to debut, the opening of a Weverse platform for fan interactions, and music show appearances. Fans are left wondering when they’ll get to watch BABYMONSTER’s first live performance.

Despite the uncertainty, the excitement surrounding BABYMONSTER’s debut remains strong. Fans hope that BABYMONSTER will showcase their charm and talent by promoting on various music shows and variety shows. Whether BABYMONSTER can grow into a globally popular girl group like BLACKPINK is drawing keen attention.

BABYMONSTER is a multinational girl group consisting of three Koreans, two Japanese, and two Thai members. Originally planned as a 7-member group, they debuted as a 6-member group due to the health reasons of Ahyeon.

YG stated that they will spare no effort to support Ahyeon’s recovery and ensure her return in good condition.

Source: daum

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