“Knowing Bros” Lee Soo Geun indirectly mentions Kim Hee Chul’s ex-lover Momo, “How can you say you don’t judge a woman’s face?”

Lee Soo Geun once again made an indirect mention of Kim Hee Chul’s ex-lover TWICE Momo on “Knowing Bros”.

The June 10th broadcast of JTBC’s program “Knowing Bros” featured aespa members Karina, Winter and NingNing as guests.

Lee Soo geun

When aespa said they don’t judge someone based on appearance, “Knowing Bros” members got angry. Lee Jin Ho said, “Hee Chul talks about that a lot. When he meets girls, he doesn’t look at their faces. Because he’s already pretty”. Hearing that, Seo Jang Hoon reacted, “That’s a lie”. Kim Hee Chul angrily commented, “I don’t judge a woman by their face”. Lee Soo Geun smiled and indirectly mentioned Hee Chul’s ex-lover Momo, saying “How can you say you don’t judge a woman’s face?”. 

Kim Hee Chul and TWICE Momo had dated publicly for a year and a half before they broke up in 2021.

This is not the first time Lee Soo Geun mentioned Momo. Last year, he was also criticized for his rude attitude when indirectly referring to TWICE on the show.

Lee Soo geun

In that episode, the guests were SHINee Choi Min Ho and actress Chae Soo Bin, who acted together in Netflix’s original series “The Fabulous”. When asked about their relationship in the drama, the two said, “We already broke up, but we are still friends”. Chae Soo Bin commented, “I don’t think it’s possible to be friends with your ex. If one of the two still has feelings for the other, their relationship continues”. 

Hearing that, Kim Hee Chul pointed at Seo Jang Hoon, saying “I’m like a supporting character. Compared to him”. At that moment, Lee Soo Geun indirectly mentioned TWICE, saying “You’re the reason why they can’t be here. I miss them so much. Do you know how much we want to have them here?”. In response, Lee Jin Ho said, “Is it that group? I wish you hadn’t been caught (dating)”. Embarrassed by the sudden mention of TWICE, Kim Hee Chul jokingly said, “Everyone. I’ll be back next week”.

As the situation in which Lee Soo Geun may receive criticism for lack of consideration towards Momo is repeated on “Knowing Bros”, controversy is expected to be raised once again.

Source: Nate

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