What’s Inside 23-Year-Old LE SSERAFIM Kim Chaewon’s Bag Surprises Everyone

LE SSERAFIM is set to appear on "Point of Omniscient Interfere" as part of their comeback promotions

On February 24th, MBC’s “Point of Omniscient Interfere” will reveal the daily lives of LE SSERAFIM off the stage. 

Viewers will get to see the unexpected charms of LE SSERAFIM as they reveal their realistic daily routines. From gathering in their dorm to spending more time in a luxurious residence, the five members engage in various activities, including talking about their dreams.


Moreover, viewers can anticipate seeing childhood photos of LE SSERAFIM members and even catching a glimpse of Sakura’s newfound passion for knitting.

Especially surprising is what’s inside Kim Chaewon‘s bag, which is filled with health supplements such as probiotics and sea salt. Similarly, Kazuha surprises everyone by bringing out unique medicines not seen elsewhere, showcasing LE SSERAFIM’s exceptional love for health products.


Additionally, the episode will unveil the rehearsal scene of LE SSERAFIM’s new song “EASY” ahead of their comeback. While Kim Chaewon, Huh Yunjin, and Kazuha engage in stretching to warm up, Sakura and Hong Eunchae are seen sitting or lying down calmly, creating a funny contrast.

Particularly impressive is Kazuha, boasting her “15 years of ballet experience,” as she flaunts her 11 abs. As the intense rehearsal begins, the members’ expressions change, and they captivate with their synchronized choreography.

“Point of Omniscient Interfere” with LE SSERAFIM airs on Saturday, February 24 at 11:10 PM KST.

Source: daum

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