What YG artists did on “The Game Caterers 2” proved that Jennie is loved a lot: Song Mino, “Let’s play the game properly (to get spam for Jennie)” 

Appearing on “The Game Caterers 2”, Jennie received huge love from YG Family.

On the broadcast of tvN’s entertainment program “The Game Caterers 2” aired on March 4th, YG Entertainment’s artists challenged the “Quiz to get household goods”.

SECHSKIES’s Eun Ji-won, Akdong Musician’s Lee Chan-hyuk, Winner’s Kim Jin-woo and Song Mino, iKON’s Kim Jin-hwan and Song Yun-hyeong, BLACKPINK Jennie, TREASURE Choi Hyun-suk and Ji-hoon appeared on the broadcast that day.

The Game Caterers 2

As soon as PD Na Young-seok said, “We will play this game in two teams YG and OB”, Eun Ji-won made a tearful face and said, “Please mix the two teams”. When Na Young-seok explained, “Teams are decided in the order of the time everyone joined the company”, Eun Ji-won’s face began to look bright again.

With 4 people forming a team, the remaining person Winner’s Kim Jin-woo was given a chance to choose a team. Na Young-seok explained, “Since Kim Jin-woo has just been discharged from the military recently, he needs time to adapt to the normal life”. “The old team is better because I’m also experienced”, Kim Jin-woo then chose OB team.

The Game Caterers 2

All the singers were finally divided into two teams: OB Team (Kim Jin-woo, Song Mino, Kim Jin-hwan, Song Yun-hyeong, Jennie) and YB Team (Eun Ji-won, Lee Chan-hyuk, Choi Hyun-suk, Ji-hoon). When asked to decide a slogan, YB Team chose “Answer”. Meanwhile, Jennie got embarrassed as Song Yun-hyeong of the OB Team suggested “Jennie” as the slogan. In response, Kim Jin-hwan added, “It’s like in the army”, drawing laughter.

Jennie then perfectly performed Red Velvet’s “Red Flavor”, Sunmi’s “Gashina” and TWICE’s “Cheer Up”. “You know all the choreographies”, Eun Ji-won showed his admiration. Jennie explained, “We are singers of the same era”. The production team of “The Game Caterers 2” covered their mouths with excitement whenever Jennie danced.

The Game Caterers 2

PD Na Young-seok then offered spam as a prize. “I want to take all that spam”, Jennie said while making a sulky face as her team was not performing well in the game. In response, Song Mino looked at other team members and asked, “Shall we play properly?”. With a determined expression, Song Yun-hyeong replied, “Shall we start (playing properly) now?”.

The Game Caterers 2

BLACKPINK’s “Playing With Fire” was presented as a question. When Kim Jin-hwan confused it with another song of BLACKPINK, Jennie looked shocked and quite disappointed at the same time. However, after Kim Jin-hwan answered the question correctly in his second attempt, it was Jennie who got embarrassed because she forgot the choreography of own her group’s song. In the end, Jennie still got the spam that she desired to have.

The Game Caterers 2

Song Mino, Jennie and Kim Jin-hwan then heralded the comeback of Winner, BLACKPINK and iKON. Meanwhile, Song Yun-hyeong made everyone laugh so hard by promoting his Youtube channel. Lee Chan-hyuk said, “I’m planning a travel program with PD Na Young-seok”, drawing laughter as he made up a story that Na Young-seok didn’t even know. 

The Game Caterers 2

Kim Jin-woo continued, “Our group’s member Kang Seung-yoon is going to release a solo song”, proving his loyalty. TREASURE members said, “For the first time since our debut, we are going to hold our first concert”, adding, “Please pay lots of attention to us”. Lastly, Eun Ji-won expressed his feelings, “This is the first time that seniors and juniors in our company gather together like this”, adding, “It’s so meaningful. Thank you for preparing this event”.

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