Korean celebrity YouTubers’ annual income rankings, “unexpected” figure among K-pop stars

“Calm Man,” “Common Siblings” and “Short Box” settled in the top 30 among K-pop stars such as BTS, BLACKPINK.

Forbes Korea announced the “2022 Korea Power YouTuber 100 Celebrity League” on the 23rd. The orders were ranked based on the estimated annual income of celebrity YouTubers. The rankings were selected from former and current celebrities, excluding pure creators. 

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BTS and BLACKPINK. Image: News1

K-pop stars, who mostly have global fans, topped the charts. Former webtoon artist “Calm Man” (Lee Mal-nyeon) ranked 10th. “Calm man” was the only YouTube celebrity who was not a singer in the top 10.

forbes korea
Forbes Korea

In 2018, “Calm Man” lived in webtoon artist Joo Ho-min’s studio and often appeared on broadcasts, but his channel became a regular business, beyond his webtoon writing. It deals with a variety of contents from Chimterview, which hosts and talks with guests, to game broadcasting. The number of subscribers is 1.73 million, and the estimated annual income is 1.87 billion won.

calm man
YouTube “Calm man”

In addition, comedian-turned-YouTubers “Common Siblings” and “Shortbox” ranked 19th and 20th, respectively. Although they did not receive much attention on TV programs in the past, they recently showed remarkable growth on YouTube. The estimated annual income of “Common siblings” is 1.183.4 billion won and “short box” is 1.181.05 billion won.

common siblings
“Common siblings” Instagram
YouTube “Shortbox”

BTS and BLACKPINK ranked first and second, respectively, showing overwhelming numbers. “BANGTANTV” recorded 69.5 million subscribers, estimated annual income of 13.68 billion won, and BLACKPINK recorded 75.5 million subscribers and estimated annual income of 10.911.9 billion won. The figures are more than the number of people in Korea.

Source: wikitree

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