BLACKPINK Jennie’s fandom says her dating rumors with BTS’s V are being spread indiscriminately + will take action 

As the companies continue to stay silent, Jennie’s global fandom has announced their stance on the dating rumors with V. 

In light of the dating rumors between BLACKPINK’s Jennie and BTS’s V that broke out earlier this week, on May 25th, the official global fan union of Jennie released a statement, saying, “Regarding the recent rumors involving Jennie (dating rumors with V), companies have not revealed their position on the issue at hand. We are concerned that the situation is negatively affecting Jennie.”

The fan union added, “A series of news related to these rumors are piling up, and many people are already consuming them indiscriminately by connecting various situations without any basis. The behavior of fans/non-fans and the media with impure intentions interpreted through online activities is very worrisome.”

Jennie’s fans also sent a message of warning to the media, saying, “We ask journalists to refrain from ‘nano analysis’ of every large and small action of some individuals and connecting them to a woman.” Jennie’s fans reiterated the companies’ silence and said, “There is nothing more dangerous than unfounded narratives led by fans and blinded sympathizers with a social platform.”

To protect Jennie, they stated firmly, “We will be taking action,” adding, “We plan to collect malicious posts that negatively slanders Jennie, and we will do our best to ensure that YG Entertainment receives such content and expresses their position on it.”

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Recently, rumors of a romantic relationship between V and Jennie hit the entertainment industry. Suspicions have been amplified as neither of the agencies have issued a response. In this regard, both V and Jennie’s fandoms are gathering and sharing various data to refute the dating allegations

Source: Naver

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