What happened to GOT7 got fans thinking about TWICE: The real reason why TWICE only focus on group activities instead of promoting solo even after 6 years of debut

Many people think that this is the right decision even though the girl groups at the same time currently have many plans to promote solo or in subunits.

 GOT7 not renewing their contract also began to make many fans wonder about the future of other groups under JYP Entertainment.  Among them, TWICE – JYP’s “golden goose” over the years, will have about 1-2 years until their contract expires.

GOT7 TWICE promoting solo even

 Unlike most other female groups of the same time that have been promoting solo or in subunits after gaining a strong foothold in the music industry, TWICE has only focused on group activities since their debut.  Many people thought that the reason why TWICE was unable to do solo activities was because of the members’ limited ability, but after seeing what happened to GOT7, the online community believed that this was the right decision to ensure the long term future of the group.

GOT7 TWICE promoting solo even

 A netizen recalled what leader Jihyo shared when TWICE appeared on MBC’s “Radio Star” not long ago: “In the articles about GOT7’s case, it was mentioned that some of the members also wanted to renew their contracts with the company, but JYP side said that if the whole group does not renew, they will not continue to sign with anyone. You know that is the same situation with TWICE right? People related to the company are all talking about this. When Jihyo appeared on “Radio Star”, she said that instead of supporting her individual activities, JYP is more supportive of group activities. At first I didn’t think about it, and I also thought that if they already had a strong foundation, the members could fully promote on their own.  I think what Jihyo said means they don’t want the group to disband. To be honest, I’m sure Jihyo wants to do solo promotions too, but she  gave up on that because she thought for the whole group. I want to see TWICE, Red Velvet, MAMAMOO, G-Friend and BLACKPINK active for a long time.”

 As the deadline for renewal is getting closer, more and more people are curious to wonder if TWICE in particular and 3rd fen girl groups in general will renew their contract with the current companies.  Although there are still some mixed opinions, most netizens still hope and believe that TWICE will re-sign, not only because they hold the majority of JYP’s profits and image in the public eye but also because everyone wants to see 9 girls promote together for a long time.

 – “She suffered a lot for the past 10 years… Of course she wants to protect her group”

 – “Treblemayeo (TWICE, Red Velvet, BLACKPINK, MAMAMOO, G-Friend) are legendary groups of 3rd gen. These 5 girl groups need to renew their contracts so we can see them longer”

 – “The similarity of Treblemayeo is that they are hated a lot on Pann but at the same time they also receive a lot of love, please be a group for a long time ㅜㅅㅜ”

 – “ㅋ If she goes solo, the truth behind her skills will be revealed more quickly”

 – “Currently, after GOT7 left the company, to the public, JYP = TWICE. Whether talking about their image or profit, this is true. JYP’s shares used to be lower than FNC but  TWICE is the one who revived the company and helped them stand firmly in BIG 3. So do people really think JYP will let TWICE go? “

 – “All 3rd gen girl groups are precious”

 – “I am really curious if the groups in Treblemayeo will re-sign with their companies. It will be difficult for the entire group to renew together tho.”

Sources: tinnhac

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