“What Comes after Love” Lee Se-young X Sakaguchi Kentaro, how was their melodrama chemistry?

A deep sentimental melodrama is coming. It is "What Comes after Love"

Coupang Play’s new series “What Comes after Love” depicts a love that transcends borders between a Korean woman (Hong) and a Japanese man (Jungo).

At the script reading scene, which was unveiled on March 8th, the actors’ shining affection for the work was evident from their first encounter. Lee Se-young and Sakaguchi Kentaro prepared greetings in each other’s languages, warming up the atmosphere, while Hong Jong-hyun and Anne Nakamura also showed exceptional determination.

Coupang Play

As the reading began in earnest, the actors heightened the atmosphere with their compelling performances. Lee Se-young instantly made everyone in the scene immersed with Hong’s deeply emotional lines, while Sakaguchi Kentaro perfectly embodied Jungo’s lonely emotions, eliciting empathy.

Hong Jong-hyun stimulated emotions by portraying Min-joon’s sorrowful heart, and Anne Nakamura skillfully expressed Kanna’s complex feelings, raising expectations for “What Comes after Love”.

Thanks to the overflowing expectations and interest, “What Comes after Love” smoothly began filming and is scheduled to be released through Coupang Play in 2024.

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