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“Weekly Idol” MCs want to invite BTS, fans get angry and remind how Jungkook was badly treated

This is the story that happened before BTS became global Kpop idol.

3 artists Lee Sang Min, Kim Shin Young and Yoo Se Yoon retreated from the MC positions and “Weekly Idol” immediately found 3 new faces including Jo Se Ho, Kwanghee (ZE: A) and Nam Chang Hee.


During the press conference, when asked about the idols that they wanted to invite on the show, Jo Se Ho replied, “Some of the idols that I’m pretty close with suddenly appear in my head right now. I used to collaborate with iKON and Winner and I thought it would be great if Taeyang reunited with the audience through “Weekly Idol” after finishing his military service”.

Ariana Grande funny social

Later, Kwanghee shared: “There are some international pop stars who have visited Korea. I hope stars like Ariana Grande could join the show.” Finally, Nam Chang Hee said: “I personally like idol groups with large numbers of members. TWICE and BTS often promote overseas as worldwide stars. Therefore, I want to create opportunities for them to be comfortable when they return to Korea “.

However, when the 3 new MCs of “Weekly Idol” confessed that thay wanted to invite BTS to their show, many fans immediately mentioned about how Jo Se Ho was extremely rude to Jungkook before and how he didn’t even apologize to BTS’s “golden maknae”.

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Specifically, at a recording for a show on Jeju Island, Jungkook was being very polite and caring by buying hamburgers for all the members of the show. Seo Jang Hoon and Jo Se Ho pretended that they didn’t hear anything while Jungkook was inviting everyone to enjoy the food. Aside from ignoring Jungkook, Se Ho also loudly implied that the food looked like leftovers. Kim Minsuk and Yoo Byungjae was trying to soothe the atmosphere by eating the hamburgers but was stopped by Jo Se Ho mocking them.

Jungkook’s burger was denied (source: Hạ Ju 국태)

The members of the show was divided into “Soil Team” and “Flower Team”. Because the show was aired live and fans could vote by sending heart, fans could easily see that Seo Jang Hoon continuously tried to interrupt Jungkook while he was talking. He was even angry at the end of the show because his vote is not as much as he wanted. Jungkook was on his knee and awkwardly biting his nail, he even using hand signals to tell the fans not to vote for him anymore.

Some comments from the netizens:

  • I’ll never forget about what Se Ho had done to Jungkook at Jeju. Whenever I see him, I just want to punch him in the face.
  • Invite Jungkook for him to be badly treated by Se Ho? He didn’t even apologize!
  • Get rid of Se Ho before thinking of inviting BTS!

“Weekly Idol” new version will be aired on January 9th.

Sources: k14

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