Viviz SinB got mad at WJSN’s remarks… “Do you really think that we’re not seniors anymore?”

Viviz SinB got furious.

On Mnet’s “Queendom 2“, which premiered on the evening of March 31st, Brave Girls, Viviz, Loona, WJSN, Kep1er and Hyolyn met for the first time.

A face-to-face meeting began that day. In an interview with the production team, WJSN SeolA brought laughter as she said, “The necklace of a member of Brave Girls was actually an expensive one. So, I checked myself again.” SeolA summoned courage to ask Brave Girls members, “Do you know other teams?” In response, Brave Girls members shyly replied “We don’t know”, making everyone laugh.

queendom 2

Next came the members of Loona. WJSN Exy shared in an interview with the production team, “In fact, I was not that happy. I wish there wouldn’t be some groups who had quite similar image as us.”

Since Kep1er members are rookies who debuted in 2022, they were worried that their seniors might not recognize them. Yeseo confessed, “I was like, ‘Wow, I’m really on Queendom 2!'” After seeing Kep1er, Loona said, “We really enjoyed Wadada.” Kep1er was so moved that they screamed.

WJSN Dayoung asked, “Who’s the youngest of your team?” Kep1er Yeseo answered, “I’m 18 years old.” Accordingly, Brave Girls members calculated their age, then Yujeong caused laughter by saying, “If you calculate that, I lose confidence.”

queendom 2

Next, the members who debuted in 2022 appeared again. However, it turned out that they were Viviz (consisting of three former GFriend members). Viviz caught the eye with their all-white outfits. Viviz explained, “We were on the music show before coming here. That’s why we dressed up like this.” However, it turned out that those were not their stage costumes. Through an interview with the production team, SinB drew laughter as she said, “We would like to get the head on others. So, we dressed up so gorgeously.”

queendom 2

WJSN looked at Viviz members and joked, “On screen, it’s written 2022 as their debut. So, they’re Viviz, not GFriend. They’re not our seniors.” Upon hearing this, Viviz SinB surprised everyone by calling WJSN Yeoreum and disciplining her, “Do you really think that we’re not seniors anymore? Tell this to your members.”

Queendom 2-SinB

All female idol members stood up to the appearance of a solo queen who debuted in 2010. The queen who appeared at this time was Hyolyn. Hyolyn said, “I feel nervous. I feel pressured and burdened somehow. Others are all in groups. But I’m the only solo artist.”

Girls’ Generation Taeyeon appeared as the MC. Brave Girls Yujeong shared, “Even though we were not that famous, she supported us.” Kep1er Chaehyun excitedly revealed, “I could keep my dream thanks to her.”

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