Unique lawyers in K-dramas of 2022: Third-rate lawyer Park Chang-ho, autistic lawyer Woo Young-woo and more

2022 has seen so many law dramas with extraordinary and interesting lawyers.

A famous lawyer who is forced to become a university professor

Oh Soo Jae (Seo Hyun Jin) of “Why Her?” is one of the lawyers in 2022 dramas who suffer a lot. She’s a talented and bold lawyer who works at a top law firm. Getting involved in an unexpected case and being falsely accused, Oh Soo jae is demoted to work as an adjunct professor at a law school. Not stopping there, she faces many adversities, including being ignored by people and losing her child.

It is true that talented people often get hated and envied by others. However, Oh Soo-jae manages to overcome everything with her intelligence, strong will, and tricks. Although some viewers were disappointed by the romance in “Why Her?”, they all sympathized with the happy ending for Oh Soo-jae, who has been through a lot.

A lawyer who used to be a doctor

Lawyer Han Yi Han played by So Ji Sub in “Doctor Lawyer” is quite special. He didn’t want to study laws at first but had no choice but to become a lawyer. Han Yi Han used to be a genius surgeon but lost everything after an operation. Therefore, he tries hard to study and becomes a lawyer in charge of medical crimes to find out the truth behind his case in the past.

Han Yi Han goes through many difficulties as well as thrilling and interesting events during the process. Many viewers feel bad for his career as a surgeon but believe that it was his fate to become a lawyer.

A third-rate lawyer becomes a genius conman

Among all the lawyers who have appeared on the small screen in 2022, Park Chang-ho played by Lee Jong Suk in “Big Mouth” is definitely the most talentless and unluckiest but has the most outstanding breakthrough. From being a lawyer, Park Chang-ho was mistaken for the genius conman Big Mouse. After being imprisoned, he has to face many enemies.

Being pushed to the verge of death many times, Park Chang Ho gets smarter, stronger, and more mature. He then tries hard to grab opportunities to save himself and find out the true identity of Big Mouse. After becoming a famous and powerful figure, he begins to fight against those who hurt innocent people for money. 

A genius lawyer with autism 

Among this year’s K-drama lawyers, the most outstanding and cutest one is definitely Woo Young Woo (Park Eun Bin) in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”. Woo Young Woo is also the most special case because she has a genius brain but is autistic. 

Despite having difficulties in socializing, Woo Young Woo still works hard in every case to become more mature and get recognized by everyone as a real lawyer. She is always the one who finds the key solution to various cases at important moments. 

A lawyer who opens a cafe to give legal advice

Kim Yu Ri (Lee Se Young) of “The Law Cafe” is a unique lawyer. Being a lawyer requires one to be professional, serious, and neat. However, Kim Yu Ri dresses very colorfully, with all kinds of patterns, making her stand out. The way she practices law is even more special. From working at a large law firm, Yuri quit midway, rented a space to open her very own law cafe.

Receiving legal advice at a coffee shop is a brand new concept, isn’t it? Each client who comes to Yuri’s law cafe only has to pay a fee equal to the price of a cup of coffee. Lawyers’ services are usually very expensive and they charge by hour, but Kim Yu Ri’s clients only need to pay for a cup of coffee to be consulted by a legit lawyer.

A lawyer who only charges one dollar 

Charging services with a cup of coffee is already odd, but lawyer Chun Ji Hoon (Nam Goong Min) in “One Dollar Lawyer” is even more unusual. Chun Ji Hoon’s office charges clients only 1,000 won ($1) per case. Anyone who seeks justice and needs to hire a lawyer only had to spend 1 dollar to get the best service from one of the most skilled lawyers.

Chun Ji Hoon does this because he passionately wants to fight for justice and provides help for those in need. He is a real hero. 

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