Jeon Somi’s Ideal Type Turns Out to be This Famous Character

Instead of another male celebrity, Jeon Somi’s ideal type is a fictional man  

On October 29th, Jeon Somi appeared as a guest on the YouTube show “Psick Univ.” 

Jeon Somi recalled having flirted on the street recently, “My sister wanted to eat tanghulu (a popular Korean sweet treat), so we went to Hongdae. I had my face covered with a hat and mask, but a random man came up to me and asked for my phone number. It was the first time something like this happened to me.” 

jeon somi

She continued, “I told him that it wasn’t appropriate but he insisted, ‘If I don’t ask now, I might regret it.’ So he asked for my number again. In the end, I took off my mask. However, he didn’t recognize me and said, ‘You really look exotic.'”

To the question, “If his response had been different, would you have given him your number?” Jeon Somi firmly said, “Absolutely not.”

Jeon Somi

When asked about her ideal type, Jeon Somi said, “I like manly men. Thor is my ideal type. I prefer Thor over Chris Hemsworth.”

On another note, in a recent Instagram live, Jeon Somi disclosed her relationship status. When a fan asked about her dating life, she hilariously replied, “If I were dating someone, I wouldn’t be eating undercooked pasta by myself.”

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