TWICE Momo flaunted unrecognizable visuals without bangs

Momo, a member of girl group TWICE, changed her hairstyle and emitted a completely different visual and charm, drawing attention.

On January 24th, TWICE member Momo posted 2 photos on her Instagram with the caption, “Kkanmo”. In the photos, Momo can be seen boasting her gorgeous visuals with a changed hair style. 


In particular, Momo, who was without her bangs, was staring at the camera while sitting on the floor. She wore a string dress with a flower pattern, giving off an innocent yet delicate charms.

At the same time, the removed bangs added a mature beauty to Momo, who is usually known for her cute and lovely image. 


Seeing the photos, fans all over the world expressed their enthusiastic affection and left comments such as “Momo is adorable”, “Legendary no bangs Momo”, and “Beautiful”. 

Source: wikitree

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