“Korea’s 3 Greatest Thieves” line-up is complete with Go Woo-rim, “Our house’s Kim Yuna”

As Ko Woo-rim announced his wedding with Kim Yuna, the “3 Greatest Thieves of Korea” lineup was completed with his name alongside Rain and Yeon Jung-hoon.

It is Forestella member Go Woo-rim who is chosen by the Figure Skating Queen. As a result, netizens are saying that Korea’s “3 Greatest Thieves” have been completed.

On July 25th, as the wedding between Kim Yuna and Go Woo-rim was announced, the couple is showered with celebrations on the online community. One of them is “The Completion of the 3 Greatest Thieves.”

Go Woo-rim is being mentioned along with singer Rain and actor Yeon Jung-hoon as the “3 Greatest Thieves.” Singer Rain is the husband of actress Kim Tae-hee while actor Yeon Jung-hoon is married to actress Han Ga-in.

Along with Kim Yu-na, all of them were female celebrities who represented the entertainment industry, so Rain and Yeon Jung-hoon, who married them, are considered “the nation’s thieves.” As such, it can be analyzed that their marriage was accompanied by great public interest.

Go Woo-rim also joined this category as Kim Yuna, who was called “the nation’s little sister,” announced her marriage.

In the picture that explains this, the words “Our house’s Kim Tae-hee,” “Our house’s Han Ga-in,” and “Our house’s Kim Yuna” are written along with the description of “Korea’s 3 Greatest Thieves.” They also added the explanation of Go Woo-rim as “the new star who has been reaping soy sauce marinated crab.”

Ko Woo-rim and Kim Yuna will have a private wedding in October. Kim Yuna’s management company All That Sports said, “Kim Yuna and Go Woo-rim met for the first time when Forestella appeared as invited singers on the All That Skating Ice Show, and after three years of dating, they decide to tie the knot.”


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