Unexpected news from BTS Jin has been urgently delivered prior to his military enlistment 

BTS Jin reportedly made a brewery with chef Baek Jong Won ahead of his enlistment.

According to OSEN on December 12th, Baek Jong Won made a brewery with Jin while filming Youtube content “Jin’s Traditional Alcohol Journey”. Jin’s drinking buddy Baek Jong Won revealed the unexpected reason why Jin made this decision while filming the content.


Thanks to Baek Jong Won, Jin successfully made a brewery. Baek Jong Won asked Shin Dong Yeop, Sung Si Kyung, and Kim Hee Chul, known as heavy drinkers in the entertainment industry, to help him invest in a brewery that was suffering from financial difficulties. Baek Jong Won brought them some liquor from that brewery and they gladly accepted the request after tasting it. Jin, who heard the news later, said he also wanted to help. They met with Park Rok Dam, the best expert in traditional Korean liquors, and learned about alcohol in person. The process was released through the content “Jin’s Traditional Alcohol Journey”.

Baek Jong Won explained, “Watching ‘Jin’s Traditional Alcohol Journey’ until the end, you will see Jin decide to make his own alcohol brand. He makes the brewery and then enlists. During that time, the alcohol is stored and brewed. Jin created a brewery because he wanted to legally shared the alcohol he made himself with everyone. I also made a brewery because I wanted to legally distribute the one I made. If you distribute alcohol without creating a brewery or a brand name, it’s a violation of the liquor tax law.”


He then said, “We filmed ‘Jin’s Traditional Alcohol Journey’ and were very satisfied with it. Jin continues to fill the oak barrel himself with the alcohol he made. He’s preparing a brewery under his name”, adding “It will be well brewed by the time he is discharged from the military. Like making whiskey, that’s the process of adding the scene or color of oak to soju. Unlike whiskey, which is made from malt, his liquor is made of rice and aged in oak barrels. We should give it a name later on”, revealing the specific direction of the alcohol Jin is making. However, it is not known whether Jin would sell the alcohol he made. 


Earlier, Baek Jong Won completed 4 episodes of “Jin’s Traditional Alcohol Journey” with Jin within over two weeks. In the content, Jin was seen learning about alcohol and alcohol making directly from traditional Korean liquor expert Park Rok Dam, expressing his sincerity for alcohol. As a result, attention is focused on whether Jin will officially create a brand and sell the liquor like Jay Park’s “Won Soju”.

Meanwhile, Jin will enter the military through a boot camp in Yeoncheon, Gyeonggi-do on December 13th. After 5 weeks of basic training, he will be transferred to the same battalion as other ordinary soldiers. Jin’s expected discharge date is June 12th, 2024. 

Source: wikitree

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