Karina Went To Action School To Practice Stunts For ‘Drama’ MV, “I’m A Killer This Time”

aespa’s Karina prepared for the action scenes in “Drama” music video very carefully

On November 30th, aespa’s official YouTube channel uploaded a video titled “[R(ae)cord] We didn’t know we would try acting again | aespa ‘Drama’ MV Behind The Scenes”. The video showed the members working hard on filming the music video “Drama”, the title song of their 4th mini album.

The video begins with Karina’s visit to an action school to practice for the action scenes in the music video. She learned basic movements step by step and then quickly understood the postures. With the help of a staff, Karina also learned to do a cartwheel.

On the second day of “Drama” music video filming continued. Karina confessed, “I didn’t expect that I’d film an action scene in a music video. This time I’m a killer”. After doing the first scene, she expressed her feelings, saying “I wish it was better. I stumbled. It must be due to lack of exercising. Core strength is important. Do Pilates, everyone”. Later, Karina successfully showcased her skills and safely completed all the stunts. 


In the next scene, “Killer” Karina stabbed Giselle with a knife. Giselle shared, “In ‘Savage’, I said ‘I’m a killa’. It’s a spoiler actually. We’ve been spoiling ‘Drama’ since then. We tricked you”

The behind footage of the car explosion was unveiled at the end of the video. Karina commented, “It’s real fire. You must think it’s CGI, but the technology got much better these days so it didn’t have to be CGI”.

Source: Daum

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