Two actors released a proof shot of their date at a movie theater and aroused explosive reactions from netizens 

Two actors Im Si Wan and Park Bo Gum drew attention as they were seen going on a movie date.

On November 9th, Im Si Wan posted a photo on his Instagram with the caption “This is Ditto”.

The released picture shows Im Si Wan and Park Bo Gum doing the same pose in front of the premiere poster of the movie “Ditto”.

Im Si-wan Park Bo-gum

The two attended the VIP Preview of the movie “Ditto” held on November 8th to show their support for junior actor Yeo Jin Goo.

Im Si Wan and Park Bo Gum covered their faces with masks, but their superior visuals could still be recognized, attracting attention. In particular, their small faces and big eyes caught the eyes of fans and gave off a warm atmosphere.

Im Si-wan Yeo Jin-goo

Im Si Wan wore a white coat, while Park Bo Gum appeared in a black coat. Fans were very happy to see the two’s interaction and unique chemistry.

In response to Im Si Wan’s Instagram photo, Internet users commented, “What a handsome two-shot. I agree”, “Pretty kids hung out with each other”, “I’m rooting for this friendship”, “Ah, they are so handsome”, “Their visuals shine”, “What’s this? Im Si Wan and Park Bo Gum?”, etc.

Im Si-wan Park Bo-gum

Im Si Wan and Park Bo Gum have continued their strong friendship as members of the running crew led by singer Sean. They not only enjoy running but also spread good influence by participating in donation activities together.

Im Si-wan Park Bo-gum

Meanwhile, Im Si Wan will appear in ENA’s “I Don’t Want to Do Anything”, which is scheduled to premiere on November 21st. Park Bo Gum is reviewing his next work after his recent military discharge.

Source: wikitree

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