“I Don’t Feel like Doing Anything”, launch in November… Kim Seol-hyun and Im Si-wan, comma finding project

Kim Seol-hyun and Im Si-wan’s Genie TV original drama “I Don’t Feel like Doing Anything” has been confirmed to be released in November.

“I Don’t Feel like Doing Anything” (directed by Lee Yoon-jung, Hong Moon-pyo, written by Hong Moon-pyo, Lee Yoon-jung) is a comma finding project of Yeo-reum, a voluntary unemployed person who declared a life strike and librarian Dae-beom, whose life is a question mark.

The romance story is about people who decide to quit their current lifestyles and move to a small town to do nothing. It presents impressive visual beauty with landscapes of Gurye, Gokseong and Namhae.

“I Don’t Feel like Doing Anything” is directed by Lee Yoon-jung. She drew attention for her works containing trendy and warm sensibility such as “Coffee Prince”, “Heart to Heart” and “Cheese in the Trap”.

On top of that, Kim Seol-hyun and Im Si-wan will work together for the first time. Kim Seol-hyun depicts the growth narrative of “Lee Yeo-reum”. Im Si-wan shows a 180-degree different transformation by playing librarian Ahn Dae-beom.

On the other hand, aside from these two, notable young actors such as Shin Eun-soo and Bang Jae-min also join “I Don’t Feel like Doing Anything” to add fresh chemistry. It will be released on Genie TV, seezn and ENA channel in November.

Source: dispatch

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