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AKMU Shocked To Hear That Sunmi Still Kisses Her Brothers aged 30 And 28 On The Cheeks

Singer Sunmi’s extraordinary pride in her love for her brothers shocked real siblings AKMU

Jessi, Sunmi, N.Flying Yoo Hoe-seung and LE SSERAFIM appeared as guests in the eighth episode of KBS 2TV’s entertainment show “The Seasons-Long Day Long Night With AKMU,” which aired on October 27.

Sunmi, who recently returned with her new album “STRANGER,” sang her song “porappippam” on the show. She later mentioned her close relationship with her brothers, saying, “I have two younger brothers, who are two and four years younger than me. They still say they love me and kiss me on video calls every day. The youngest even reminds me to eat rice and say he misses me.

Real siblings Lee Chan-hyuk and Lee Soo-hyun, hosts of the show, were surprised to hear that her younger brothers were 30 and 28 years old. Sunmi said, “Actually, the relationship between siblings seems to vary depending on the eldest’s attitude,” and Lee Soo-hyun, whose face suddenly looked bright, said, “I see? The eldest’s attitude is important? What specifically should the eldest do to get along?” She deliberately asked Sunmi.

Lee Chan-hyuk, who was staring at other places while Sunmi testified, “The eldest should be sweet, taking care of her or his siblings, and gives way,” hurriedly cut off her words and pretended to kiss his sis, saying, “I will try to be a good eldest.” Lee Soo-hyun immediately showed a disgusted reaction of throwing her cell phone.

Later, Sunmi was shown kissing her real brother in a photo. The singer continued to brag about her younger brother, “My younger brother took the concept photos for my new song.

When asked if she was happy working with her family, Sunmi affirmed and said, “In fact, my brother took the cover photo of ‘Pporappippam’. We did it together again this time.” Lee Chan-hyuk was surprised, saying he could see “real” happiness in Sunmi’s eyes.

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