“The idol whose father recently passed away?”… A Filipino entertainment show criticized for making a quiz about Eunhyuk’s family

A local show is leaving Super Junior fans furious for asking an extremely cold-hearted question

On August 11th, a Filipino show called “Tropang LOL” mentioned the recent postponement of Super Junior’s concert in Manila in their quiz section. 

It was previously announced by SM Entertainment that a member of Super Junior, Eunhyuk, will be unable to attend the concert night “Super Show 9” in Manila due to his father passing away. The statement was issued just a few hours before the show began, and other Super Junior members, who are as close as family, eventually postponed the concert to another day, though they still went to the venue to meet ELFs (fandom of Super Junior) to express their apologies and gratitude. 

super junior

While most fans understand and sympathize with the decision, the production team behind “Tropang LOL” turns this sad event into a “fun question”. 

In particular, during the quiz segment, the question “Which Kpop group among these canceled their concert in the Philippines after the passing of one member’s father?” was asked, and the options include Super Junior, SEVENTEEN, GOT7, and SHINee

super junior eunhyuk

Seeing this, comedian Pooh laughed and said he doesn’t pay much attention to Kpop, while other guests danced to the background music as they gave their answer. On top of all that, the show would add laughing sound effects as participants recalled “similar stories”. 

tropang lol
The cast members of “Tropang LOL”

Immediately, this segment was buried in criticism on the SNS platform Twitter, and ended up deleting their post about the controversial broadcast. However, they gave no apology nor explanation, leading to fans getting even more enraged, demanding for one. ELFs also started to trend the hashtag #CancelTropangLOL, where they expressed why the question was extremely insensitive and cold-hearted. 

The Chief Operating Officer of Pulp, who is the organizer of Super Show 9, also went to Twitter and spoke against the actions of the program. “It was a painful time for all…not just for the direct family, but for me and everyone who had been with them for years. When they hurt, we hurt. That’s how it is,” she said. 

tropang lol
The cast members and guests danced while giving their answer. 

In addition, she also stressed that the concert is postponed, not canceled as phrased in the question of “Tropang LOL”. 

Meanwhile, as of the moment, “Tropang LOL” still remains silent about their controversy. 

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