TWICE’s Mina and NCT’s Jeno embroiled in dating rumors for allegedly playing game together on Steam 

Dating rumors between Jeno and Mina grew after Jeno accidentally followed Mina on Instagram. 

Recently, after NCT’s Jeno was caught following and unfollowing Mina on Instagram, dating rumors between the two idols sparked. Later, a Twitter account drew attention by posting a Tweet that says, Jeno’s account was added as a friend with Mina on Steam. Last year, Jeno also played League of Legends (LOL) with Mina.”

jeno mina

The photo attached with the Tweet is a screenshot of Jeno’s alleged Steam account ‘jenoXXXX’. His friends list had the IDs ‘machXXXXXX’ and ‘myoXXX’. ‘machXXXXXX’ is believed to be another NCT member and ‘myoXXX’ is Mina.

Netizens had mixed reactions to this: 

  • “Jeno never goes out of the dorm because he’s always playing games”
  • “It’s amazing if they are actually dating based on this”
  • “This is why Jeno shouldn’t use Instagram”
  • “They don’t suit each other”
  • “Is this enough evidence to say they’re dating though?” 
  • “Is there any proof that that’s Jeno’s account?”
  • “Even if he made a mistake following her on Instagram, this is such a reach”
  • “What if they are only gaming friends?”

Source: Wikitree

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