TWICE’s Jeongyeon Thinks Of TWICE’s Future Disbandment And Regrets Past Health Problems

TWICE’s Jeongyeon expressed her feelings on the group’s 10th anniversary this year in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar.

Magazine Harper’s Bazaar Korea recently released a pictorial of TWICE’s Jeongyeon, who came back with the group’s 13th mini album “With You-th.” From her signature clear and beautiful face to her indifferent yet chic charm, she has generously shown her charisma in this pictorial.


When asked how she felt about returning with a new album that talks about youth after a year, Jeongyeon said, “TWICE is in its 10th year. I think I started to have a different mindset because I know that TWICE preparing an album together like we do now will become something hard to do in the end. All the members worked so hard on this album as we even changed parts three or four times after recording the song.”

Regarding the past time when she had to take a break from her activities due to health reasons, the singer said, “There are times when I regret not getting over it sooner, but I am proud of myself for standing up like this. It was possible because the members kept believing in me even when I doubted myself. They helped me not to lose my sense of reality with objective advice,” expressing her gratitude to the members.


On the other hand, Jeongyeon also said about her feelings ahead of her 30s, “Just as I didn’t know I would have hobbies such as tennis, surfing, and climbing in my 20s, I wonder what kind of things I will be doing after turning 30s. When I do something I’ve never done before, I discover a new side of myself. So it’s always exciting and fun to take a new path.”

Source: Xsports News

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