Park Bo-gum kept his loyalty by hosting the “Navy Concert” despite already being discharged 20 days ago

Actor Park Bo-gum hosted the “Navy Patriotic Concert” about 20 days after his discharge, boasting his perfect visuals.

Following last year, despite already being discharged from the military, Park Bo-gum still hosted as the MC of this year’s “Patriotic Concert” and showed his extraordinary loyalty.

On May 19th, the “2022 Korea Navy Patriotic Concert” was held at Jangchung Gymnasium in Jung-gu, Seoul.

Announcer Kang Ah-rang, who hosted with Park Bo-gum, said, “I thought last year’s Patriotic Concert would be my last stage with Park Bo-gum, but thank you for still being with me even after being discharged from the military.”


Park Bo-gum said, “As of April 30th, 2022, I finished my military service in good health and now I’m here as a reserve sergeant of the Republic of Korea. Above all, I’m here to support the gentlemen who respect and care for each other while in the military.”


He said, “More than anything, I feel strange. Until last year, I couldn’t be with the audience due to social distancing, but today, so many people attended,” he added.

Park Bo-gum, who appeared in a clean suit on the same day, boasted such a reliable visual that anyone would easily believe he was filming a movie there.


Fans who saw this also cheered with comments such as “He is still so handsome” and “I hope his next movie comes out soon.”


Meanwhile, Park Bo-gum, who joined the Navy in August 2020, was discharged from the military last month in good health.

Source: insight

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