Jung Kyung-ho ♥ Sooyoung, Shin Min-ah ♥ Kim Woo-bin And More: Why Star Couples Left Korea To Enjoy Overseas Dates

Recently, many star couples on overseas dates have been spotted, drawing high attention.

Since celebrities’ faces become their business cards, it is not easy for them to go on a normal date with their loved ones. For that reason, they often choose to travel abroad rather than domestically.

Jung Kyung-ho♥ Sooyoung

It has been reported that Jung Kyung-ho and Sooyoung, a long-time couple in the entertainment industry, recently went on a trip together to Sydney, Australia. Recently, posts titled “Sooyoung ♥ ︎ Jung Kyung-ho spotted in Sydney” have spread rapidly on social media and online communities. The photos in question showed the affectionate images of Jung and Sooyoung traveling together.

Jung Kyung-ho Sooyoung
Jung Kyung-ho Sooyoung

Jung Kyung-ho wore a dark-colored shirt while Sooyoung wore a white shirt and a cross bag. The two visited an aquarium and a zoo in Sydney and enjoyed a picnics in the park. It is said that the couple boasted their affection more freely overseas.

Jung Kyung-ho and Sooyoung are seniors and juniors at Chung-Ang University. They began dating in 2012, and in January 2014, a photo of them dating was released by paparazzi, leading to them admitting their romantic relationship.

Lee Jang-woo ♥ Cho Hye-won

Actor Lee Jang-woo and actress Cho Hye-won drew attention by releasing a photo of their first overseas trip after announcing their relationship. Cho Hye-won posted a photo on February 23rd, saying, “After walking around without sunscreen, we are both becoming hell boys and our skin is being taken off.”

Lee Jang-woo ♥ Cho Hye-won

The released photo shows Lee Jang-woo and Cho Hye-won holding hands while going on a date. The two went on an overseas trip to a warmer country than Korea, and walked around freely in dresses, shorts, and slippers. If it were in Korea, citizens who recognized them would have affected their dates, but overseas, they proudly held hands and enjoyed public dates.

In June last year, Lee Jang-woo announced his relationship with actress Cho Hye-won, who is eight years younger than him. Since then, he has mentioned his girlfriend in public and has been expressing his affection without hesitation.

Shin Min-ah♥ Kim Woo-bin

Shin Min-ah and Kim Woo-bin first met at a clothing ad shoot in 2015, and became lovers. They have been dating each other for nine years. Since the two are top stars who are popular all over Asia, domestic dating is impossible. As such, when the two take a break from work, they sometimes go on overseas trips.

Shin Min-ah Kim Woo-bin

In the past, Shin Min-ah and Kim Woo-bin traveled together to celebrate the 2019 New Year in Australia. According to witnesses, they had a happy time walking on the streets with their arms folded without being conscious of their surroundings. They also entered a restaurant and happily enjoyed a meal together.

In addition, a photo of the two dating at an open-air cafe in Paris, France, was leaked in 2022, and it was reported that they had traveled to Bali, Indonesia in April last year.

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