The female who was suspected to be the escort girl in Seungri’s case: “I’m not a prostitute”

Police investigating the alleged soliciting prostitution of singer Seungri (real name Lee Seung-hyun, 29) summoned a woman, who is called A, suspected of being a sex trafficker.

Police investigating the alleged prostitution of singer Seung Seung-hyun (real name Lee Seung-hyun, 29) summoned a woman, who is called A, suspected of being a sex trafficker. A said in a police investigation that she was not a prostitute. Police are expected to have difficulty investigating the case in the future after booking Seungri as a suspect.

According to the police on March 18th, the metropolitan investigation team of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency summoned A to confirm the suspicion that the former member of the group Big Bang, Seungri had been using prostitution to treat foreign investors. On December 7, 2015, when an acquaintance of Seungri who is known as a foreign investor visited Korea, A was introduced by Seungri to sit and drink together with the investors at the club Arena in Gangnam.

I once drank with the daughter of a foreign club owner through the introduction of Seungri’s acquaintance, Mr. Kim, in December 2015,” A said in a police investigation. “I am not a prostitute,” she testified herself. After sorting the words of A’s acquaintances, she is called a “mulge” (good water guest). “Mulge” is a slang used for guests with eye-catching appearance who are used to pull in more customers. They are managed separately by the merchandiser (MD).

During the investigation, the police specified a picture of a woman known as an overseas investor and asked A if that was the one who drank together with her at the club Arena in 2016. In order to prove the suspicion that Seungri was involved in prostitution, it must be circumstantial that Seungri was promised money or investment after introducing A. A reportedly admitted that the woman was the same person, but denied the connection with the business Seungri was doing. A said that at that time she went to the drinking party with her friend.

Seungri (real name: Lee Seung-hyun) is returning home after completing an investigation at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency in Jongno-gu, Seoul, early March 15th.

If, according to A’s statement, Seungri did not provide any sex service to foreigners who visited Korea or did not receive money, it is hard to apply the charges of soliciting prostitution to Seungri. Even if Seungri proves to have introduced Mr. A to a group of foreigners, even if A had sex with the man or not, if there was no price given, then it was not prostitution. Under the Sex Trade Promotion Act, one can only be punished if they provide sex with a man or a woman in exchange for money or property benefits.

Seungri has been suspected of soliciting sex trade after his conversation on Kakao Talk’s group chat room with acquaintances, including Yuri Holdings’s CEO Mr. Yoo, got exposed. He was investigated once last month as a casualty and was investigated by police on the 14th as a suspect.

When asked in front of the police’s photo line if he still denies the allegations of prostitution, Seungri replied with “I bow down and apologize to the people and those who were harmed and those who have suffered“, adding that he would sincerely answer the investigation.

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