Accused of obscenity by parents’ group, Hwasa expressed her position at “SUMMER SWAG 2023”

Mamamoo Hwasa directly expressed her position on the controversy over the “19+ performance”.

On July 15th, “SUMMER SWAG 2023” was held at Jinnam Stadium in Yeosu.

Hwasa, who recently joined P NATION led by Psy, attended the show as a guest.


Ahead of the final stage, Hwasa smiled as she confessed to the audience, “I was really worried that my voice wouldn’t come out. I was more worried about this than being sued.”

Last May, Hwasa stood on the stage of Sungkyunkwan University’s festival to film tvN’s “Dancing Queens on the Road”. Hwasa was embroiled in controversy over indecent performance as she showed sensational movements while performing “Don’t Give”.


Afterwards, Hwasa was accused by the Student Parents’ Human Rights Protection Solidarity on charges of indecent performance.

This group reported Hwasa to the police for causing discomfort to the audience watching her performance. They claimed, “Hwasa’s behavior is reminiscent of perverted sexual intercourse, which is enough to bring shame to the public who witnessed it. It cannot be interpreted as an artistic act because it does not fit the context of the choreography.”


But Hwasa did not mind. She said “I think this stage is so amazing. Things I worry about and fear are forgotten when I stand on stage“, and cheers poured out from the audience.

Hwasa added, “I’ll try to gain the strength to move forward with good energy. Everyone. Are you ready for the last song? Will you go crazy?” She then presented a passionate performance.

Source: Insight

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