These two stars, who were a married couple for 500 days, reunited after 10 years

Lee Jang-woo and Ham Eun-jung recently met each other again through “Untangodo Village Hotel”.

In 2011, Lee Jang-woo and Ham Eun-jung met as a virtual married couple on a program and received huge love from the public with their perfect chemistry. Since their virtual marriage only lasted for 500 days, the couple left a deep regret.

The couples on the programs at that time were as famous as real couples and got married like a real marriage, creating a fantasy world that attracted many viewers. 

Lee Jang-woo and Ham Eun-jung were called “Woo Jung Couple”. The two made headlines with their outstanding appearances, good personalities, sweet chemistry and even dating rumors.  

They also appeared and acted as affectionate lovers in the music video of singer ZIA’s “The Way I Am”, causing jealousy among viewers.

WooJung couple reunited after 10 years and became a hot issue. Although they got married then broke up in the past, it is expected that they will provide viewers with the natural and warm image of ex-husband and ex-wife.

Meanwhile, the program where the two reunited is “Untangodo Village Hotel”. It is an entertainment program where guests of all ages and occupations come to talk about their lives and make memories.

Source: daum

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