TWICE criticized for live performance during “Set Me Free” promotion

The live performance of girl group TWICE in their "Set Me Free" promotion continues to draw mixed opinions from the audience.

TWICE is moving into their second week of promotion for their 12th mini-album “Ready To Be” with the title track “Set Me Free.” The group performed on Music Bank and won the first cup for this promotional period, setting the milestone as the girl group with the most trophies across music shows. 

Apart from the winning streaks, TWICE’s live performances have always been the talk of the town. Among the sea of opinions, many believed, in general, the JYP girl group’s live performance improved. Yet, some netizens pointed out there were moments the performers were singing off-key, with Japanese members receiving particular attention from the audience. In particular, Momo’s live singing was once again criticized, Mina was said to sing at too low a volume, while Sana was described as not performing as well as before. 

Belows are some comments from netizens: 

  • TWICE’s vocal texture and abilities only suit their previous cute concepts.
  • Jihyo did her part live too well 
  • Their voices were only a bit shaky. 
  • The Japan line are always struggling in their parts

Source: K14, twitter

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