tripleS “Sue sexual harassment and defamation + Even families suffer mental pain”

Girl group tripleS is taking legal action against sexual violence crimes

Their agency Modhaus stated through an official statement on March 7th, “We have filed lawsuits against netizens who habitually posted sexually insulting and harassing comments about our agency’s artists (tripleS) on internet forums, in violation of the Special Act on Sexual Violence Crimes, the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection and the defamation law. They posted comments insulting and harassing our agency’s artists on popular online communities where an unspecified number of people participate and view. As a result, not only the artists themselves but also their families are suffering from mental anguish.”

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Modhaus continued, “We will actively respond to defamation, insults, sexual harassment, dissemination of false information and malicious slander to protect the rights of our agency’s artists and prevent future victims. We operate a constant monitoring system to protect the honor and dignity of our affiliated artists. We will take all possible legal measures against any additional cases of harm.”

They concluded by expressing gratitude to the fans who send interest, love and support to their agency and artists, promising, “Modhaus will continue to lead in protecting the rights of our artists, unwaveringly, in the future.”

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