This Week’s Actresses’ Bad Fashion: Lee Yoomi and Park Gyu-young’s Questionable Outfits 

Let’s delve into the unconventional fashion choices of Lee Yoomi and Park Gyu-young

This week in Korea’s entertainment industry, following the 28th Busan International Film Festival in Busan last week, there was a lively atmosphere with various events, including the press conferences for new K-dramas such as “Strong Girl Nam-soon” and “A Good Day to Be a Dog”. 

However, this week was also marked by some actresses’ disappointing fashion. In particular, Lee Yoomi and Park Gyu-young left us puzzled with their confusing and unbalanced combinations of tops and bottoms. 

Lee Yoomi

The combination of Lee Yoomi’s top and bottom is not quite right. The top is a knit with a flowery pattern that gives off spring vibes, but the bottom is a chic low-rise skirt, so they don’t harmonize well.

lee yoo mi

The overall vibe of Lee Yoomi’s outfit matches her fresh and bright energy, but there are too many focal points. The large floral pattern on the sheer top that is somewhat childish, combined with a belt and checkered skirt, makes it look messy. 

The length of the skirt makes her overall proportion feel awkward. The hairpin doesn’t seem to fit well either.

Park Gyu-young

The combination of Park Gyu-young’s top and bottom is not quite right. When you look at her top and bottom separately, they are nice items, but when you put them together, they feel disconnected. Matching yellow with silver makes it seem a bit outdated.

park gyu young

Both the top and bottom are materials that could be pretty on their own. However, when combined, they seem to not allow each other to shine.

If Park Gyu-young had worn a less flashy skirt, it could have been the best fashion choice of the week.

Source: daum

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