This IVE member blossomed after puberty and now looks as pretty as Jang Wonyoung 

She grew up to be absolutely gorgeous. 

“Monster rookie” IVE has stood out since their debut for having no visual hole. With their eye-catching beauty and charms, IVE has the potential to become a top 4th generation girl group. IVE also receives more attention than other 4th gen rookies thanks to the presence of two former members of IZ*ONE in the lineup, Jang Wonyoung and Ahn Yujin.

After only 3 months, IVE’s achievements are amazing
IVE is called a “monster rookie” 
The group’s debut song Eleven
Jang Wonyoung Ahn Yujin
Two most famous members Jang Wonyoung and Ahn Yujin

Although center Wonyoung stands out the most in IVE thanks to her huge popularity as a 4th gen’s top visual and getting pushed the most by Starship, many fans are more attracted to leader Ahn Yujin because of her great talent, charming aura, and pretty looks. 

Recently, Yujin‘s school photos circulating on social media drew much attention. Most fans think that she had a very successful puberty. A fun fact about Yujin when she was younger is that even though she is now a famous idol, she used to dream of becoming an elementary school teacher.

Having both visuals and talents, Yujin is expected to be even more popular in the future. Fortunately, she still decided to become an idol in the end, otherwise Kpop and IVE wouldn’t have such a talented leader Ahn Yujin like now.

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