This female idol pins comments of fans calling her “pretty” on Instagram 

Many Kpop idols are praised for not only communicating with fans through their Instagram but also showing off their extraordinary visuals. And (G)I-DLE Shuhua is no exception.

With around 2.67 million Instagram followers, she often shares her daily life with her fans.

gi-dle-shuhua blonde hair

However, the female idol often engages in a certain peculiar interaction, that is, she always sees comments of fans praising her looks and pinning them to the top. 

On October 29th,  Miyeon, who served as a daily MC for the YouTube web entertainment show “Neighborhood Star K2”, mentioned Shuhua’s Instagram and said that she seems to have a particular habit of pinning and fixing fans’ comments that call her pretty. 

gi-dle shuhua

When asked the reason behind this, Shuhua immediately replied “Because they are nice to see”

Then, MC Jonathan mentioned the fact that Shuhua, who saw the comment “Are you a goddess?” replied, “Take out the question mark”.

Shuhua also expressed extraordinary confidence in her appearance by adding, “Speak with confidence. Why do you say that in such a doubtful tone?”,

gi-dle shuhua Neighborhood Star K2

The female idol also pinned a comment from a fan saying, “I’m shocked. I was surprised to see Shuhua in person. Why is she so pretty?”

Shuhua explained that it is true that she is pretty, and that the fan is correct, so she pinned the comment since she wanted to see the nice comments on top.

In addition to the examples introduced in the broadcast, Shuhua directly pinned her favorite among the many comments on her Instagram posts.

(G)i-dle shuhuha pin comments instagram

One time, Shuhua provoked laughter by pinning not only the Korean comment “You always look beautiful no matter what” but also a comment written in English “You are so beautiful”.

Many people who saw the charm of Shuhua, who were easy-going and honest, smiled warmly. In fact, Shuhua boasts of fair skin and outstanding beauty, so no one has been able to refute her confidence.

Meanwhile, (G)I-DLE, the group to which Shuhua belongs, has been active since the release of their new title song ‘Nude’ (Nxde) on October 17th. They also recently took first place on the music show “Music Core”. 

Attention is being paid to the future moves of (G)I-DLE, who are enjoying great popularity with their latest comeback. 

Source: insight

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