This Actor’s Acting Was So Realistic He Was Mistaken For A Real Transgender+ He Also Co-stars With Kang Dong-won

Actor Park Jung-min shocked the audience with his acting skills when playing a transgender in the movie “Deliver Us from Evil.” 

Actor Park Jung-min has lived up to the public’s expectations with his acting, regardless of the role he takes.

This summer’s hit “Smugglers” and the movie “Dr. Cheon and The Lost Talisman,” along with the upcoming “The Dream Song,” show the charm of Park Jung-min as an actor.

Smugglers Park Jung-min

First of all, in director Ryu Seung-wan’s “Smugglers,” which was released in July, Park Jung-min played the villain Jang Do-ri. Jang Do-ri was a simple, kind young man but later turned into an ambitious man who led the village’s violent organization. In “Smugglers”, he stood shoulder to shoulder with prominent seniors such as Yeom Jung-ah, Kim Hye-soo, Jo In-sung, and Kim Jong-soo.

Smugglers Park Jung-min

Park Jung-min made a special appearance as a shaman who serves a fairy in Kim Sung-sik’s “Dr. Cheon and The Lost Talisman,” which was released last month. He has a realistic performance as if he had put another being in his body. 

Park Jung-min is also predicted to make an unforgettable appearance in Cho Hyun-chul’s movie “The Dream Song,” which will be released on October 25th. In the movie, Park Jung-min plays a role as a troublemaker who creates conflicts between Semi (Park Hye-soo) and Haeun (Kim Si-eun). 

Smugglers Park Jung-min

“The Dream Song” will be released on October 25th as a story of Semi and Haeun, high school students who spend a dreamlike day with what they want to tell each other in their hearts.

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