Thirty Nine is criticized for having the content unworthy of the quality cast

Thirty Nine is still a controversial project for many viewers.

Thirty Nine is currently a drama receiving a lot of attention. In addition to Son Ye Jin‘s fame, the drama also became a hot topic on social media thanks to the controversy over whether or not to romanticize extramarital affairs. There are many controversial opinions, some people even think that the Thirty Nine’s script is not worthy of such quality cast.

Before it aired, most viewers thought that Thirty Nine would be a story about feminism or a gentle healing drama about the friendship and life of three 39-year-old ladies. But no, right from episode 1, the drama was already full of tragedy, in episode 2, it also revealed the identity of the person who would have to die before the threshold of 40. Neither healing nor feminism, the drama is the journey of 3 friends staying together, fulfilling Chan Young’s (Jeon Mi Do) wish of her life.

Thirty Nine

Not a story about the spirit of independent women, Thirty Nine is causing great controversy with Chan Young‘s love for a married man who is also an ex that she has never forgotten. Although Chan Young never wanted to take another’s husband, Jin Seok later got married to his current wife Kang Sun Joo after she got pregnant, but the fact that the two are attached to each other with a very ambiguous connection, still makes this story come under controversy from the audience. The character of Son Ye Jin, Mi Jo, initially tried to prevent Chan Young from getting involved with Jin Seok, but at the present time, she just let it be.

Thirty Nine

Chan Young‘s ambiguity is what makes many viewers think that the script of ‘Thirty Nine’ is not worthy of its talented cast, especially Son Ye Jin and Jeon Mi Do. Even so, this is only the opinion of a part of netizens, it must be noted that ‘Thirty Nine’ is doing a good job of capturing the audience’s attention. But with the character Chan Young, Jeon Mi Do is successful in making viewers not know if they should love or be angry with her?

Thirty Nine

Thirty Nine’ airs every Wednesday and Thursday night on jTBC.

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