There were several opportunities to save Lee Sun-kyun “Police brought despair and fear through theater-style investigation”

On Jan 16th, MBC’s current events and refinement program “PD Note” aired a special episode titled “70 Days, the Last Hours of the Late Lee Sun-kyun“.

On this broadcast, “PD Note” investigated the fact that Lee Sun-kyun’s side requested a private attendance. The Incheon Police Station said, “It’s a fact that the request for non-exposed attendance using the underground parking lot was made through the lawyer by the late Lee Sun-kyun’s side. Regarding this, the police explained that ‘Using the underground might not look good’, and the lawyer responded, ‘I understand.’

lee sun kyun mbc

Following this, the production team, through interviews with industry experts, raised issues regarding excessive public opinion and the situation where the principle of presumption of innocence was broken.

A current police officer stated, “There’s a limit, and it’s correct to conclude that there was no drug use during that period since he received negative results for drug use 3 times and no drug components were found in urine, hair and body hair.

lee sun kyun mbc

Another expert also commented, “Since no drugs were detected in the body hair examination, it was right for the police to conclude the investigation. Due to the pressure of leaking investigation secrets, attracting public attention and the need to reveal guilt, it might have become an unstoppable train.”

Especially, a psychologist who watched the video of Lee Sun-kyun’s police summons said, “Words like ‘diligently’ and ‘sincerely’ were used. It seems he expected that if he stated objectively and reliably, his sincerity would be revealed. However, after the third investigation, there’s a heightened anxiety that he won’t be able to do that. After the third investigation, there’s a feeling of more anger than the first time. It seems he sensed the signal that the situation isn’t in his favor. The fear that even if he is diligent and sincere, the balance won’t be right seems to be the point where he became desperate.

Source: Nate

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