There is a K-pop group that has only debuted for 8 days but has done 73 encore stages!

VIVIZ girls have performed 73 encore stages even though they debuted only 8 days ago

After GFRIEND suddenly announced their disbandment in May 2021, three former members of the group, Eunha, SinB and Umji, re-debuted together with a new name – VIVIZ. The group debuted through the mini-album “Beam Of Prism” and the title song “BOP BOP!” on 9/2.

3 former GFRIEND members re-debut with new name VIVIZ

Although nominally a brand new rookie, in fact all 3 girls are idols with many years of experience and quite loyal fan bases. Therefore, the group quickly got their first win on the music show “Show Champion” after only 7 days after the debut, equaling the record of “fastest rookie to win a trophy” that IVE had previously set with ELEVEN.

Just debuted not long ago, VIVIZ has proven themselves to be a formidable rookie group
Sweet and fresh concept of the song BOP BOP! is well received by the public
The girls also become more and more pretty

VIVIZ’s winning streak seems to have just begun as the group continues to win the latest episode of the show M!Countdown aired on February 17. Thanks to that, the audience could enjoy an encore of BOP BOP!. The girls showed off their extremely powerful live vocals even though they had just recovered from Covid-19 not long ago. In particular, main vocalist Eunha almost blew the stage with a high note.

VIVIZ’s encore stage at M!Countdown on February 17
Impressive high notes of main vocalist Eunha

GFRIEND is a girl group known for its excellent singing and performance skills, and the performance of Eunha, SinB, and Umji in this re-debut did not disappoint fans.

It is known that this is the 73rd encore in the career of the 3 girls, including the previous victories they achieved under the name of GFRIEND. Fans joked that VIVIZ is indeed a No. 1 rookie as they just debuted 8 days ago yet have sung encore for the 73rd time. Some even wanted to give Eunha the title of “high note queen” when witnessing her excellent performance.

eunha viviz
Eunha’s high note wowed netizens

Netizens’ comments:

  • I stan VIVIZ because they are talented, also they are literally born an artists, that’s fact
  • The girls are beautiful. SinB is very flirtatious when she sings. How beautiful they are! How good that Viviz win again.
  • GFRIEND’s sister. Gen Z rookies sang their 73rd encore today, right?
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