Recent status of Kang Kyung-joon, who remained silent after being accused of adultery

According to Star News on Feb 6th, the Seoul Central District Court’s Civil Division 209 (Chief Judge Jo Jeong-hyeon) issued a mediation referral decision regarding the lawsuit for compensation for damages due to being labeled as a “home-wrecker” by plaintiff A against Kang Kyung-joon in December last year.

It is explained that copies of the mediation referral decision were delivered to both parties.


Mediation refers to the procedure where the court, instead of issuing a judgment or decision, facilitates the parties to reach an amicable agreement. When mediation is successful, it has the same effect as a “compromise by court”.

However, if mediation fails, the case proceeds to the formal litigation process.

Previously, Kang Kyung-joon was sued for damages amounting to 50 million won for being labeled as a “home-wrecker”.

A claimed that Kang Kyung-joon’s affair with his wife led to the collapse of their marriage. A also complained that Kang Kyung-joon engaged in adulterous behavior despite knowing A’s wife was a married woman.

It is known that Kang Kyung-joon and A’s wife became acquainted while working at the same distribution agency. Some messages exchanged between Kang Kyung-joon and A’s wife, resembling those between lovers, were also disclosed, causing shock.

Kang Kyung-jun

Regarding this matter, Kang Kyung-joon remained silent and did not provide any statement.

It was also revealed that on Jan 29th, he appointed three legal representatives and submitted a warrant of attorney to the Seoul Central District Court.

Meanwhile, Kang Kyung-joon married actress Jang Shin-young in 2018 after 5 years of dating.

Source: Insight

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