This actor, who is a household name in Korea, revealed that he was isolated by his colleagues

There’s nothing more heartbreaking than being isolated among your co-workers.

The entertainment industry s no exception. Comedian Mija confessed her difficult memories of being bullied by her colleagues in the past.

dr oh eun young

Mija, who appeared on Channel A’s “Oh Eun-young’s Golden Counseling Center” in July, confessed that she was severely bullied by fellow comedians, which resulted in her going on a hiatus and living in darkness for two to three years.

dr oh eun young

She, who suffered a lot of mental damage, surprised everyone by saying that she had made several suicide attempts.

Another celebrity who confessed to being isolated is drawing attention.

dr oh eun young

Actor Kim Byung-ok will appear on Channel A’s “Oh Eun-young‘s Golden Counseling Center,” which will air on the afternoon of Oct 14th.

In an earlier recording, Kim Byung-ok, who has been married for 28 years, expressed his anxiety about an upcoming twilight divorce, “I feel left out by my wife and daughters at home. I think I’m just a best man,” he said about his worries.

dr oh eun young

Dr. Oh Eun-young cited two reasons why Kim Byung-ok feels alienated at home.

This might be a case where he was alienated from his family due to his attitude that  wants to be treated as a patriarchal father, or a case where he lacked expression due to his introverted personality.

In response, Kim Byung-ok confessed that he was self-righteous and unkind to his family, and that he blamed himself for seeing his family suffering due to his unilateral attitude and choice.

dr oh eun young

However, unlike at home, Kim Byung-ok did not act in a self-righteous and one-sided manner outside his house.

Not only did he force himself to eat pork belly, which he couldn’t eat, but he also subscribed after insurance calls. He also confessed that he bought car guarantee and a credit loan guarantee for others.

Kim Byung-ok showed his low self-esteem, describing himself as an underdog, saying, “I endure it because I am a socially disadvantaged person.”

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There was a heartbreaking story about Kim Byung-ok considering himself as a socially disadvantaged person.

Kim Byung-ok, who has gained recognition for his various works, has actually never played a significant role over the past 18 years despite being in his 40s.

dr oh eun young

Even his colleagues stayed away from him.

Since then, Kim Byung-ok has been adjusting as much as possible so that others do not feel uncomfortable because of him.

Dr. Oh Eun-young gave her sincere and warm advice to Kim Byung-ok, saying, “You can’t refuse because you want to be a good person to everyone.”

dr oh eun young

You can check out what advice Dr. Oh Eun-young gave to Kim Byung-ok at 9:30 p.m. on Oct 14th.

Meanwhile, Kim Byung-ok debuted with the stage play “King Lear” in 1983 and began his acting career.

Kim Byung-ok, who honed his solid skills from the basics through his roles on stage, emerged as a middle-aged supporting star in Chungmuro, playing the role of the head bodyguard in the 2003 film “Old Boy.”

Since then, he has begun to promote his name by properly portraying the role of a preacher in the movie “Lady Vengeance.”

Kim Byung-ok, who won the title of “Master of Supporting Actor,” has proven his impressive acting skill in various genres such as the movies “The Unprotected City,” “Wonderful Radio,” “The Priests,” “Inside Men” and “The Spy Gone North.”

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