53-year-old star Uhm Jung Hwa shows off six-pack abs, surprising Kim Hye Soo & Sandara Park 

Singer & “Doctor Cha” actress Uhm Jung Hwa drew admiration from her colleagues by revealing her solid abs.

On July 16th, Uhm Jung Hwa posted on her Instagram account a photo with the caption, “That’s me!! Don’t disappear”.

The released picture shows Uhm Jung Hwa taking a mirror selfie after working out at the gym.

Uhm Jung-hwa

Wearing a training suit, Uhm Jung Hwa slightly lifted her top to reveal her solid and clear six-pack abs, catching the eyes of netizens. Her abs, which look even more impressive than that of those in their 20s, suggested the actress’s high-intensity workout routine.

Seeing Uhm Jung Hwa’s abs, fellow celebrities poured enthusiastic compliments in the comment section. 

Kim Hye Soo praised, saying “Amazing!”, while junior singer Sandara Park showed astonishment, saying “Oh wow”.

Uhm Jung-hwa

Hong Heon Hee, who appeared on “Dancing Queens on the Road” together with Uhm Jung Hwa, exclaimed, “You must perform Chitty Chitty Bang Bang again. Your abs didn’t even look like abs back then. This is the best”.

In addition, Park Jung Hoon, Jessi, Jo Kwon, Kim Ho Young, Lee Hye Young, and Queen WA$ABII also expressed their envy of Uhm Jung Hwa’s abs.

Meanwhile, Uhm Jung Hwwa was born in 1969 and is 53 years old this year.

Source: Insight

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